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Bike to Pele - An Active Lava Flow Bike Tour

Bike to Pele - An Active Lava Flow Bike Tour









Bike to Pele Morning Tour: $139pp – 9am – 2pm {includes travel time from Hilo. Additional meeting locations are available.}


Bike to Pele Afternoon Tour: $139pp – 11am – 4pm {includes travel time from Hilo. Additional meeting locations are available please see below.}


Inclusions: All equipment (bicycle, helmet, backpack, rain poncho), water, cold beverages, snacks, an Interpretive Guide, and Roundtrip Transportation.



Bike to Lava Aug 2016

Join on an incredible guided bicycle adventure to the Active Lava Flow. We will head directly to Kilauea Volcano’s coastal Active Lava Flow by biking along the gravel emergency access road. Enjoy coastal ocean views as we Bike to the Lava.
Bike to Lava Aug 2016

Bike to Lava
See the incredible fiery lava Kamokuna ocean lava entry and feel the heat as we get as close as safely possible to the surface active lava flows(volcano dependent). Witness the Birth of New Land!!!



Biking Distance:
Bike to Pele Tour: 9.6 miles (gravel road)


Level: Intermediate


Requirements: All cyclists must be physically fit, an intermediate level cyclist, and 15 yrs. old and above (meaning that you bike on a regular basis and are knowledgeable in shifting and handling a bicycle)


The tour takes place on gravel roads with no van support. All cyclists must have the ability to bike in and bike out (9.6 mile round-trip) at medium group pace.


This is a grueling, hot, and possibly windy tour course. If any cyclist feels that are physically unable to bike out they are advised to turn around and head back to the start point as each cyclist is financially responsible to have them self and the bicycle assigned to them evacuated back to the tour start point by the departure time.


What to Wear: Completely enclosed comfortable shoes, long pants, a comfortable light color shirt with sleeves (light long sleeve shirt preferable), hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are highly recommended.




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Lava viewing is unpredictable and is not guaranteed. The active flow status is constantly changing.


Click here for the current eruption status and lava flow update.