Frequently Asked Questions


For Reservations & Information Call:

Toll Free US 1-888-934-9199
Direct (808) 934-9199




1) Where do I meet the tour if I am staying on the Kona side of the Island?


All of customers will meet at our Bike Volcano headquarters located at:  19-3972 Old Volcano Road in Volcano Village.



2) How close will we get to the active lava?


On the Bike and Hike to Lava Tour we will get as close as safely possible to an active lava surface as flow (approximately 1 to 2 feet away from active flowing lava – volcano dependent). On the day bicycle tours of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park we will bike around the rim of the erupting summit crater.



3) Are the bicycle tour courses difficult or suitable for any cyclist?


The day bicycle tours of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are moderate level tour courses suitable for the recreational cyclist. All cyclists are required to have the ability to ride a bicycle confidently (no beginners are allowed). Our Interpretive Guide escorts the cyclist from the pole position. We encourage all cyclists to bike at their own pace then we will meet up at the various historical sites where our Interpretive Guide will provide historical information concerning the geology, flora and fauna, and the cultural significance of the surrounding area.



4) Is there an age restriction and children allowed on tour or to rent an e-bike?


Cyclists ages 16 years old and above are welcome. 



5) What is the terrain like on the bicycle tours?


The terrain on our day bicycle tours of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are level around the erupting summit crater of Kilauea Volcano then slopes downhill when we enter the native Hawaiian rainforest area. There are a couple of short hills in the tour course and a longer hill on the return to our headquarters, which is easily manageable with our e-bikes.




6) What happens if it rains?


Please be advised that we bike rain or shine. Preferably shine!!! We do provide rain gear on all of our tours. In addition, we do monitor the National Weather Service and the weather conditions in the areas of our tour courses. If there adverse weather conditions predicated for your tour date, you will be notify and your tour will be rescheduled.Please see our Details page concerning our Cancellation and Inclement Weather Policy.



7) What is the maximum number of people that we take on a tour?


We can accommodate a maximum of 13 guests. To accommodate larger groups the logistics need to worked out by our Reservation Manager. For group inquiries email: info@bikevolcano.com or phone 808-934-9199.



8) What is the tour participant minimum requirement and what happens if it is unmet on my desired tour date?


The tour minimum participant requirement is 6 guests. We would like all tour requests to be CONFIRMED or “A GO”. Parties of less than 6 should indicate an alternative tour date when possible in an effort to consolidate our tours and group you together with other interested parties. 


Please contact us 48 hours before your tour date to confirm your tour date. When possible, we will try to reschedule you to another date if the tour participant minimum is unmet.



9) What is your cancellation policy?


Due to the popularity of our volcano bike rentals and tours we require a no less than 48-hour notice for schedule changes and cancellations.  For cancellations within 48 hours of the reservation date there is a 100% cancellation charge.  Cancellations are 100% refundable if we our notified BY PHONE before 48 hours of the tour date (email cancellations are not accepted within 48 hours of the tour date).



10) Is there a bike bag or basket on the bicycles or should I bring a backpack?


There is a small bike bag located on the handle bars of each bicycle. We provide our tour customers with a backpack or they can be rented.



11) What should I bring?


• Credit Card and Identification for the equipment deposit.
• Layered Clothing (t-shirt, shorts, jacket, and/or sweatpants)
• Closed Toed Shoes (required)• Protective Eyewear (sun glasses or prescription glasses) required

• Rainjacket (provided for tour participants only)

• Backpack (provided for tour participants only)

• Sunscreen
• Gratuity/Tip {standard 15%,not included in your tour price}
• Camera
• Your Sense of Adventure

!!! Riders should wear layered clothing to ensure your comfort while bicycling. Temperatures at the Summit (4000? above sea level) sometimes range in the low 60’s to upper 70’s.