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Aloha from BikeVolcano.com on the Big Island of Hawaii!


Volcano Bike Tours on Hawaii's Big Island

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Witness Kilauea Volcano’s Historic Summit Crater Eruption & Explore the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park by Bicycle.


Featuring 2 Incredible Bicycle Tour Courses:

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1) Bike Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – Full Day Tour

2) Bike Volcano Summit Tour Special – Half Day Tour


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Bike Kilauea Volcano & Wine Tasting Tour



Bike Down an Active Volcano!!!

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  • Includes All Equipment, Bakery Fresh Lunch and/or Snacks, & Beverages

  • Mostly Downhill & Level Terrain

  • Easy Riding
  • Paved Roads & Trails
  • Van Support & Convenient Pick-up Locations
  • Cruise Ship Passengers & Children are welcome
  • Island Hoppers – Fly, Bike, & Volcano Tours – Fly over for the day for our tour from Honolulu (roundtrip inter-island airfare & tour packages)


Welcome to BikeVolcano.com guided bicycle tours. Join us on an incredible bicycle adventure as we explore Kilauea Volcano, one of the most Active Volcanoes in the world, from summit to sea. Experiencing the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park by bicycle and witnessing Kilauea’s Volcano’s Summit Crater eruption is simply amazing.


Volcano Bike TourOur Professional Interpretive Guides will take you through fantastic terrains, all on mostly downhill and level paved roads and trails, while sharing geological and mythological information with you.


From lush ancient Hawaiian rainforests to dynamic lava landscapes, we will experience a variety of microclimates, huge craters, stand by steaming vents, walk through a lava tube, and if Madame Pele (the Volcano Goddess) allows, we’ll see active lava Volcano Bike Tourflows pouring into the Pacific Ocean. Bike as much or as little of this majestic tour, our support van will always be close by.


The sights you see in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are large-scale and breathtaking. Touring the Park by bicycle is absolutely the most unique and exciting ride anywhere on the Big Island of Hawai`i.


Or, if going to the closest viewing point to the active lava flow is your goal, join us on our Bike to Pele Adventure (volcano dependent). We will travel through lush tropical coastal jungles of Kilauea’s East Rift Zone on our journey to Madame Pele’s active lava flow. Witness her fiery explosions and the hypnotic glow of the birth of new land.

Hawaii Bike Volcano Tour Active Lava


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