Seniors Can Bike Down an Active Volcano too!!!


I just returned home from Hawaii and wanted to tell you how enjoyable our bike ride was on Tuesday June 2 2008. My cousin had not been on a bicycle in over 10 years and was a little hesitant about taking the trip. However there was peace of mind knowing that the van was just behind us in case we needed to bow out of the trip.

The stops at the destinations in the park was sometimes a welcome relief, only to find out that Fred was a geologist and very eager to explain things about the volcano. This was an extra added perk to this trip his enjoyment of the science and willingness to answer any questions asked. The van driver whose name i have forgotten was always there for us to replenish the water and nourishments.

This trip was one of our most favorable part of our trip to Hawaii, and proved that senior citizens overweight and out of shape can do this trip just be knowing how to ride a bicycle!! Your experience and details in this trip made this very enjoyable. BTW the deli you had prepared the lunch for us was an excellent choice.

Thanks again for making our trip down the volcanoe a legacy in our life.

Christine and Thomas Rosenheim
Barbara and Ronald White.

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